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Filter Cleans are recommended for all D.E. filters every 6 months and cartridge filters every 3-6 months depending on your pool usage. It is imperative to observe the pressure gauge on the top of your filter. As the pressure gauge increases, flow rate decreases. Eventually the decreased flow rate will cause poor water quality. A filter cleaning should not be confused with a filter backwash. Our filter cleanings include: A complete disassemble on all the grids and filter internals. Cleaning the internals and using a cleaning solution as needed to remove any buildup from the grids /cartridges. Lubricating the backwash valve if it is a push pull or slide valve. Reassembling and Re-charging the filter with DE (if needed). Testing for proper filtration. The Cost for this service is $95.00 + any necessary parts


Year Round is a FULL service company. We repair all brands of swimming pool equipment including but not limited to, Jandy, Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, Polaris, and many others. Our personnel are trained and licensed. We pride ourselves not just on quality service but on the honesty of your particular needs. We know that your pool is not going anywhere, and we want you to rely on us for all your swimming pool needs. That means having a satisfied customer not just with our product but also with our price.
A few of the services we offer are:
  • One Time Cleaning
  • Drain and Clean
  • Mastic / Deck o Seal
  • Filter Cleans
  • Pump / Motor Repair or Replacement
  • Salt Systems
  • Automatic Controls
  • Light Repairs
  • Leak Detections
  • Pool Covers
  • Automatic Cleaner Repairs

We want to make you owning a pool a pleasure and provide you with the enjoyment of your pool, minus the worry and concerns of maintenance


They have done my pool for about 2 years and I have been very satisfied. It’s always clean and never too many chemicals. The pool is always ready for us.

- Aaron

They did a good job on some repairs last year so I thought I would call them back for some maintenance. They sent one of the guys from last time and I remembered him being pretty nice. The same was true on this visit and I like the consistent level of service.

- Rick

Pool Tip

Losing water and unsure if it is evaporation or a leak? Try the following test and see!

1. Fill the pool water to normal level. Take a 5-gallon bucket and fill with water to about five inches from the top.

2. Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool. The bucket must be immersed in the pool at least 5 inches.

3. Mark the water level inside the bucket.

4. Shut off the pump and mark pool water level on the outside of the bucket.

5. Resume normal pool pump operation.

6. After 24 hours, compare the two water levels. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than the bucket's water level (inside mark), there is probably a leak. If levels are the same, only evaporation has occurred. Typical evaporation

A quarter inch of water loss per day is considered normal evaporation. The evaporation rate can vary based on changes in conditions (humidity, sunlight, barometric pressure, wind and the level of activity in the pool or spa.)